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Monthly E-News: November 2023

The Technical Working Group (TWG) of the Directorate for Children Services is Organising the 2nd Intenational Conference on Child Protection In Africa

Monthly E-News: September 2023

Webinar: Researching and “Storying” African children and young people.

Monthly E-News: July 2023

VaCNets Hub e-news for July 2023 is right here. Enjoy the news!Commencement of organizational experience sharing about designing, implementing and measurement of change from violence against children prevention programs at the July 2023 Hub webinar was an important step in the journey towards shared learning. Bantwana (Uganda) and Kigwe Socio-Economic Development and Training (Tanzania) sharing was based on their

Monthly E-News: June 2023

VaCNets virtual Hub e-news of June 2023 is here. Welcome to read on!Hub Webinar of 21st June 2023 organized under the topical issue, ‘Defining evidence in VAC prevention’ was the highlight for the month. It was attended by 102 persons from 70 organizations drawn from Kenya (23), Tanzania (33), Uganda (44), Ethiopia (1) and United States (1). Of the 70 organizations, 31 were first time attendees of VaCNets hub webinars. The Webinar offered an opportunity for VAC Prevention implementors to reflect on what evidence is, and what evidence is not. In addition

Monthly E-News: May 2023

It is an exciting moment to share VaCNets virtual Hub e-news for the month of May 2023! At the Hub, the month of May was dedicated to reflection, and active listening to Hub subscribers. Read on to discover what this entailed.

Monthly E-News: April 2023

Thank you for choosing to read VaCNets Virtual Hub e-News. This is our inaugural e-Newsletter which will be subsequently shared on a monthly basis to keep Hub stakeholders up to date with Hub progress and new developments, as well as emerging news in the Evidence field. We hope that through the monthly news we shall collaboratively grow the practice of generating and using evidence among East African actors intervening to protect children from all forms of violence.

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