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Monthly E-News: June 2023

Dear Reader,VaCNets virtual Hub e-news of June 2023 is here. Welcome to read on!Inside this issue

  • Hub Highlight for June 2023
  •  Research evidence on new prosocial video game tackling
  • Defining Hub strategic direction
  • Upcoming experience sharing webinar series.

Hub Highlight for June 2023Hub Webinar of 21st June 2023 organized under the topical issue, ‘Defining evidence in VAC prevention’ was the highlight for the month. It was attended by 102 persons from 70 organizations drawn from Kenya (23), Tanzania (33), Uganda (44), Ethiopia (1) and United States (1). Of the 70 organizations, 31 were first time attendees of VaCNets hub webinars. The Webinar offered an opportunity for VAC Prevention implementors to reflect on what evidence is, and what evidence is not. In addition, Webinar attendees gained clarity on what currently counts as evidence under VaCNets virtual Hub. Shared learning was evident through the questions raised and discussions that followed. One organization indicated its key take-away as, ‘evidence is key in VAC prevention because without data and information it is not possible to access more resources’.Research evidence on new prosocial video game tackling VACDuring the month, the Hub accessed a research Journal with evidence from Makerere University None in three (Ni3) Centre on a serious gaming intervention piloted in Uganda whose evaluation showed potential to reduce child marriage in Uganda.  The Hub and Ni3 are generating a research brief based on the research Journal to be uploaded on the Hub for practitioners’ easy access and uptake. Be on the lookout for this interesting evidence!Defining Hub strategic directionVaCNets virtual Hub is steadily growing in subscribers, service scope, and collaborations; hence definition of its strategic direction over the medium term has been prioritized. On 27th June 2023, the Hub Reference Group had a meeting to purposely provide input in Hub strategic direction draft for the medium term.  This is a work in progress and at an opportune time, the input of Hub subscribers will be solicited. Subscription to VaCNets virtual is free and gives subscribers entitlement to Hub services. Click here to subscribe.Upcoming experience sharing webinar series.Hub Webinars serve as a platform that connects implementors of VAC prevention programs in East Africa for information exchange and learning. Effective July 2023, Hub webinars will involve experience sharing series by different organizations on their VAC prevention interventions based on evidence shared and uploaded on the Hub. The first experience sharing Webinar is scheduled for 27th July 2023 under the topic, working with local communities to prevent Violence against children’ where Bantwana/Uganda and Kigwe Social Economic Development & Training (KISEDET) in Tanzania will be sharing their experience. Individuals and organizations new to the VaCNets and interested to attend Hub Webinars should subscribe as Hub users.We appreciate your reading of our e-news.  If your organization has any new developments in its work on prevention of violence against children that other actors in VAC prevention eco-system can benefit from, email us one paragraph for inclusion in subsequent e-news.VaCNets Virtual Hub Email:   [email protected]Best wishes, VaCNets Virtual Hub Coordinator

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